Friday Night Book Series

The Friday Night Book Series will use 6 Friday nights (not always consecutive, given holidays, etc.) to look in depth at various texts that are bodymind centered in subject matter (the intersection of massage, bodywork and psychology - often referred to as somatic psychology or body psychotherapy).


Some examples include:

  • Donald L. Nathanson's Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex and the Birth of the Self 
  • Lisbeth Marcher's Body Encyclopedia: A Guide to the Psychological Functions of the Muscular System
  • Jack Painter's Deep Bodywork and Personal Transformation
  • Malcolm Brown's The Healing Touch: An Introduction to Organismic Psychotherapy

Please visit the calendar page to find out what Friday nights classes are being held, which book is being discussed, and what # class in that book it is.  

Please plan on attending all classes.  Classes begin at 7:30 pm and run for 2 hours.  

Purchase your book in advance from  No book will be sold at the class.  

Classes will be $25 for 6 weeks, payment due at the beginning of the series, cash or check only.  Drop-ins will be $5 per class.