Psychology of the Body

Psychology of the Body, 2nd edition (2013), will be the basis for this class for massage therapists.  The writers of the book, Barbara Goodrich-Dunn and Elliott Greene, were my trainers in the 4-year, 600 hour program at the Washington Institute for Body Psychotherapy, and have both trained in the 1970's at the Potomac Massage Training Institute.  I present their notion of the bodymind - the inseparable body and mind - that exist energetically in us and take form in all layers of our tissues.  I use their language to describe the ways in which our muscles hold the tension patterns of the bodymind - called armoring - and their photos and graphs to describe and explore the various defense patterns developed from birth on thru our formative years.  Finally, as a group, we pair up and use the techniques demonstrated in the text to put all the concepts into an embodied form thru hands-on practice and review.