My Thai CE Classes

MyThai Class: charles, jen & kelli standing I have been teaching My Thai classes for NCBTMB continuing education credits for 5 years.  My classes are very hands-on learning oriented and need to remain small in number in order for me to deliver high-quality teaching.   I believe in using humor and individual attention to maximize the student learning experience.

I offer 3 versions of the My Thai Fusion Bodywork class: the 1-, the 2- and the 3-day formats.  In the 2- and 3-day classes, students learn supine and seated position stretches and bodywork, and 'test-out' on volunteer clients the final afternoon.  In only the 3-day class is sidelying and prone position protocol taught as well.  The 1-day class involves only the supine material, and there is no testing-out.  


The 1-day class is 8 credits, the 2-day is 16 and the 3-day 24 ce's.  Please check the calendar page of this website to see when My Thai Fusion Bodywork classes are being offered.