Massage & Bodywork

I believe each of us is the accumulation of our life experiences, in addition to, above and beyond our genetics.  Our bodies reflect this totality of both our natures and our nurtures.  Everything from accidents to education to adventures shows up somehow, somewhere in our bodies and beings - and especially in our emotional anatomy.  Bodywork can touch so much more than your skin, muscles and bones - it can reach your spirit, psyche and soul if you want it to...if you let it.  I believe it is one of the most direct avenues to healing we know. 

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My Ashi Sessions

AshiHave you ever wanted someone to walk on your back?  I have had more clients than I can recall tell me how their Dad used to ask them to walk on their back, or how they used to ask their own kids to do it.  It seems as though many people intuitively crave another human being to stand and walk on them!  

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My Thai Sessions

My Thai Bodywork is a fusion of Thai-style stretching, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage.  When I began working with clients using the Thai bodywork I learned in '98, it completely transformed my sessions.  Clients were, and are still, clothed in yoga-style pants and tops, and there is no massage cream used in traditional Thai massage.  I continue to use the stretches in modified forms depending on the goals and presenting conditions of my clients. My Thai Bodywork remains a perfect way to introduce healing touch to clients who are unfamiliar with massage and nudity in therapeutic settings.

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