My Thai Sessions

My Thai Bodywork is a fusion of Thai-style stretching, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage.  When I began working with clients using the Thai bodywork I learned in '98, it completely transformed my sessions.  Clients were, and are still, clothed in yoga-style pants and tops, and there is no massage cream used in traditional Thai massage.  I continue to use the stretches in modified forms depending on the goals and presenting conditions of my clients. My Thai Bodywork remains a perfect way to introduce healing touch to clients who are unfamiliar with massage and nudity in therapeutic settings.

The '3-D' nature of My Thai is clearly demonstrated in the various client positions during the session.  Most massage is performed with the client either face-up (supine) or face-down (prone).  Thai Bodywork uses the supine and prone positions as well, but adds in sidelying (both left and right) and also sitting.  In advanced Thai stretches, the client is sometimes off the mat altogether!  This 3 dimensional approach to the body is one I find to be much more comprehensive and effective in creating suppleness, and the feeling of internal space.  Clients often remark that they feel taller or longer afterwards as well as more flexible.