My Ashi Sessions

AshiHave you ever wanted someone to walk on your back?  I have had more clients than I can recall tell me how their Dad used to ask them to walk on their back, or how they used to ask their own kids to do it.  It seems as though many people intuitively crave another human being to stand and walk on them!  

I began my Backwalking on clients in 2000.  I started looking for ways to get deep into my clients, to have a greater impact, without hurting myself or them in the process.  Standing and walking on them appealed to me the most, and without any training in either, I hung ropes from my office ceiling and over the next couple of years, experimented with the clients who would let me, and developed my own routine and skills in Backwalking.

But I wanted to train professionally, and in 2004, I found Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (Ashi).  I trained in all 3 levels within a year, and it has been a staple of my work ever since.  Unlike when I backwalk, clients are nude and properly draped, and I use my bare feet and massage cream to glide up and down the posterior of the body.  Ashi is to date the best method I have of using broad, deep compression to move everything from muscles to bones, fascia to viscera, skin to fluids.  It is the deepest and most effective form of broad Deep Tissue massage I know.  Ashi is now the most frequently requested modality of my practice, and it has become my preferred start to every combination Ashi/Thai session.

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